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Shaving Brush - MÜHLE Modern Fine Badger Acrylic Glass

MÜHLE Modern Fine Badger Acrylic Glass

£20.45 RRP £38.90

MODERN - Shaving brush from MÜHLE, fine badger, handle material acrylic glass

  • Shaving brush with fine badger

  • Ring size M: 21 mm

  • Handles made of acrylic glass

The Material - Acrylic glass

Handles made from acrylic glass are turned out of solid rods and polished. Handles made from this material are highly durable and possess outstanding haptic properties.

The Brushhead - Fine badger

Fine badger is softer than pure badger, but somewhat firmer than silvertip badger. The hairs are light grey in colour and feature the dark stripe or band typical of high badger hair qualities. This natural hair material is extremely well-suited to wet shavers who value the softness of badger hair and want to achieve a massage effect.

MÜHLE process this quality mechanically according to the high standards which they apply to all MÜHLE products. If required, the crown of the brush head is slightly trimmed to obtain the perfect, typical shape of every single product.

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