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The Bluebeards Revenge Designer Stubble Kit - Cyril R. Salter

The Bluebeards Revenge Designer Stubble Kit

£9.65 RRP £18.99

Spruce up short beards with our Designer Stubble Beard Gift Set. When it comes to beards, it’s as much about the skin as it is the fuzz. That’s why we’ve popped our long-lasting Classic Blend Beard Oil alongside our best-selling Face Scrub to maintain a healthy harmony.

Face Scrub: Our Face Scrub utilises the exfoliating powers of ground olive stones to remove trapped dirt and grime from deep inside your skin’s pores. All of this cleaning power sits within a hydrating base that helps to energize and revive tired skin.

Classic Blend Beard Oil: Our Classic Blend Beard Oil features a unique and long-lasting scent inspired by traditional British barbershops. A few drops will help to add shine, softness and vital hydration to even the most unruly beards.

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