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The Bluebeards Revenge Sabre Straight Razor - Cyril R. Salter

The Bluebeards Revenge Sabre Straight Razor

£145.00 RRP £249.99

Named after a traditional, ninth century cavalry sword, which has been consigned to ceremonial duties since after the First World War, this beautifully crafted instrument will carve its way through your beard like a regiment of heavy cavalry through a line of light infantry.

The Sabre straight razor is a 6/8 inch carbon steel blade fashioned with a French point and a serrated shank. Each razor acts as a totally unique piece of art thanks to its striking blade profile, hollowed out spine, and polished cow horn scales.


6/8″ Carbon Steel Blade



Please note: Whilst this razor is factory honed and deemed shave ready by the manufacturer, getting it professionally honed is still suggested prior to commencing your shave if you like to keep things extra-sharp.

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