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Captain Fawcett's Counter Top Display Cabinet

Captain Fawcett's Counter Top Display Cabinet

£60.00 RRP £110.00

The Captain’s rather delightful and Limited Edition Cabinet is now available to all discerning barbers and gentlemen’s outfitters. Each and every handcrafted Cabinet is fitted with a sliding drawer to safely house the Captain’s waxes and balms, a cavernous area to display tubes, bottles, and items of height and finally a sunken top adorned with a non-slip mat to assist the stable display of oils, parfum's and other grooming requisites.

Carry On...

Height 42 cm / Width 42 cm / Depth 16 cm

NB: The fine array of products on view are sadly, but not unexpectedly, NOT included in the purchase price... but they can be purchased elsewhere on the Cyril R. Salter website. Huzzah.

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