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Morgan's Vintage Luxury Chest - Cyril R. Salter | Trade Suppliers of Gentlemen's Grooming Products

Morgan's Vintage Luxury Chest

£22.50 RRP £45.00

Vintage Luxury Chest 

The perfect finishing touch after your shave, Morgan’s Vintage 1873 Cologne and Luxury Beard Cream will leave you looking and smelling irresistible.

The set contains: Vintage Cologne and Luxury Beard Cream.

A distinctive masculine cologne with a woody base of Musk and Amber, citrus notes of Bergamot and Lime together with Green Leaf, Coconut and Sandalwood to complete the scent.

A luxurious cream which leaves facial hair softer, conditioned and well maintained.

Housed in a versatile wooden chest which can be used for various other keep-sake items.

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