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Parker Adjustable Injector Razor

Parker Adjustable Injector Razor

£18.50 RRP £37.00

Parker’s Adjustable Injector Razor is precision engineered to provide a smooth and irritation free shave. This single blade razor provides a close and comfortable shave with fewer ingrown hairs and razor bumps when compared to multi blade cartridge razors.

With Parker’s adjustable design, it’s easy to customize the shave by simply turning the knob on the top of the razor. For the mildest shave, adjust the safety bar to a setting 1, which has a minimal blade gap. For a moderately aggressive shave, adjust to a setting 5 for the maximum blade gap (or try somewhere in between).

Injector razors have a blade loading system which is simple once one gets the hang of it.

• Razor type: Adjustable Injector Razor
• Weight: 1.24 oz./35g
• Length: 4.96 in./126mm
• Handle Material: Stainless Steel with Ridged Plastic Grip
• Blade Type: Standard Injector Style Razor Blades - loaded with one new blade 

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