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Parker Safety Razor and Brush Stand - Cyril R. Salter | Trade Suppliers of Gentlemen's Grooming Products

Parker Safety Razor and Brush Stand

£11.35 RRP £22.75

Parker Safety Razor’s heavyweight chrome-plated razor and brush stand is a must for storing all standard razors and brushes. This stand is more than just a display piece. The most important thing you can do to ensure brush longevity is to dry the brush with the bristles facing down in a stand. This stand will ensure proper razor and brush storage. This stand will accommodate virtually all razors with a round handle and brushes with 20-25 mm brush knots. Notable features include:

  • Weighted Base
  • Rubber Feet on the base to prevent scratches
  • High Luster Chrome Finish

Enhance your countertop and protect your razor and brush at the same time with this stand.

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