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Simpsons 'The Captain 2' Shaving Brush - Cyril R. Salter | Trade Suppliers of Luxury Grooming Products

Simpsons 'The Captain 2' Shaving Brush

£43.95 RRP £89.95

This eagerly anticipated shaving brush has been a long time in the making & traces its roots back to the classical handle styles of the early 1900’s. The Captain is a brush primarily suited to those who favour bowl lathering as their preferred method of wet-shaving. Sleek lines, sumptuous curves & of course the legendary Simpson Best Badger knot make this brush a must for any bathroom.

Overall brush height - 120mm
Handle height - 69mm
Knot loft - 51mm
Knot diameter - 24mm

Simpson’s newest addition is already a classic.

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