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The Bluebeards Revenge Liquid Wood Beard & Mo’ Comb

The Bluebeards Revenge Liquid Wood Beard & Mo’ Comb

£3.00 RRP £5.99

  • This new Beard & Mo’ Comb is made from liquid wood – a revolutionary biodegradable material that’s moulded from wood pulp and natural cellulose fibres leftover from the paper making process. The result is a plastic-free material that’s 100% recyclable!
  • This super durable waterproof comb features fine and medium teeth to provide versatility that suits all beard and moustache styles. These rounded teeth will glide effortlessly through your facial hair without snagging; helping to evenly distribute your skin’s natural oils and any beard styling products you use. This eco-friendly comb will also remove stubborn knots, beardruff and trapped dirt with ease.
  • This compact beard comb is just 13cm long, meaning it fits easily into most pockets for beard and moustache maintenance on the move!
  • Engraved with the iconic skull and crossbones logo – a seal of approval from bearded blokes all over the world!

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