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The Bluebeards Revenge Refillable Antiperspirant 50ml

The Bluebeards Revenge Refillable Antiperspirant 50ml

£3.10 RRP £29.99

  • This Roll-On Antiperspirant for men offers long lasting protection from sweat and body odour. Its multi-functional formula makes it perfect for sport and everyday use.
  • This vegan-friendly antiperspirant features a masculine fragrance that’s scented with Madagascan vanilla, classic sandalwood and patchouli for all-day freshness.
  • Unlike some aerosols, this roll-on antiperspirant can be easily slipped inside a gym bag, rucksack or even an office drawer for fast protection from sweaty pits when you need it most.
  • This eco-friendly Antiperspirant helps to create less waste thanks to its refillable design. It features a roll-on ball that can be unscrewed to allow top-ups from our the Bluebeards Refill Range.

Antiperspirant Refill Pouch

  • This low waste Antiperspirant Refill Pouch can provide up to ten full refills of our Roll-On Antiperspirant bottles (sold separately).
  • This eco-friendly refill pouch can reduce the amount of plastic you use by 90%.
  • Widely recycled.

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